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Buy Newewst Leaf Springs From Tinmy

Buying New Leaf Springs From Tinmy


In every market there is competition in which one or two companies usually separates themselves from the rest. The leaf spring industry is no different so we are going to list a few benefits of choosing Tinmy Spring from our competitors. One of the most obvious reasons is price in which we will always be competitive and are usually the best priced on the market but there is a lot more to us than price alone.

Here at Tinmy we actually stock many of the leaf springs in house and are not just drop shippers. There are multiple advantages to this process so let’s explain a few of them. First, we physically check the product before they actually ship out to verify there is no damage and all of the little stuff such as tip inserts and arch as they are supposed to be. Second, we can have the leaf springs designed exactly to either our or OEM specifications so when we can improve on OEM we take this opportunity to do so. One major modification we do to almost all of our truck leaf springs is have them built with metal riveted clips with clip bolts to give you the extra strength on the clips and which eliminates the possibility of squeaking from this section of the spring. Third, this gives us the power to have custom leaf springs built such as heavy duty or high arch to meet your exact needs because not everyone is after the same capacity or height. 


Here at Tinmy Spring we do the little things that make a difference as well such as stamp GSC in a lot of our products just to say we’re proud of what we sell and we back it 100 percent. Another major advantage is all of our manufacturers are full members of the Spring Research Institute (SRI). This means they have very strict guidelines on how a spring is to be built and are not allowed to cut corners which guarantees a high quality leaf spring which not only meets but exceeds OEM standards. All SRI companies are also located in North America meaning when you buy from Tinmy Spring you will not receive leaf springs from overseas such as US,UK,Austrailer, Taiwan, India, Malaysia or elsewhere. 

Tinmy Spring has been in business since 2005 and we have learned a lot about suspensions along the way thanks to you our customer! As you can see we have a pretty big advantage on our leaf springs vs the others thanks to everyone’s input which we take very seriously so thank you for choosing Tinmy Spring as your business is very much appreciated.


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