Jockey Wheel Solid 500-1500 Lbs



10star10star10star10star10starby: Robert R12/10/2013

Easy install to provide greatly improved unhitched trailer handling. This item was the final component to complete a refurbished trailer for my catamaran. My project started with a 1987 Calkins single-axle used trailer, adding the following E Trailer parts: 1. Miro-Flex Trailer Stop/Turn/Tail Light unit 2. CE Smith V-Wing Bolster Brackets 3. Rectangular Trailer Reflectors, Adhesive Mount - Amber 4. Erickson Hide-A-Hook Truck or Trailer Anchors 5. Pro Series Snap-Ring Swivel Marine Jack and completed with a hand-built frame assembly and covered bunk boards.


10star10star10star10star10star by: lsquared04/16/2014

The product was as described. There was a problem with the lower section not being firmly attached to the top. When I attempted to crank the unit either up or down there was no response. When I lifted the unit the bottom fell out. It was not attached to the top. I took the unit apart as far as I could and found the bottom was not coupled. I put the unit (top) in a large vise and applied a lot of pressure on the bottom unit as I rotated it. Finally I smacked it with a large hammer and it snapped into place. It works fine now but I am concerned that the bottom may detach again. I feel the unit is made of high quality materials and is a great design except for the way the bottom unit attaches to the top. 125412

10star10star10star10star10starby: Mike08/09/2014

This jack was designed for a rectangular tongue application but I have mounted it on a round tongue by welding the bottoms of two muffler clamps to the tongue. The indent on the swivel plate fits the tube nicely so all I had to do was bolt the jack on. It tucks away nicely on the tongue during transport. My particular application involves a very lightweight trailer (about 300lbs. dry) and the jack is rated at 1,000 so by welding the bottoms of those muffler clamps to the tongue I have a solid foundation for my application. This particular jack works well for me because I'm re-building this trailer for uses a camper , now I can easily move it around as I work on it.

10star10star10star10star10star by: Jim S05/28/2014

I called e trailer ready to order a much more expensive product. It was suggested that this product would suite my needs and be notably less expensive. I installed the product in less than 15 minutes (including reading the directions...). With this wheel on the tongue of my tow dolly, my wife can move it easily by herself. The construction of the product seems more than I need for this application. I am impressed with the product and e trailer.


10star10star10star10star10star by: littledog05/31/2013

Everything went smooth , bolted right on , looks great .


still looks great and works well ,very happy with it.

 littledog - 06/01/2014

10star10star10star10star10star by: Tony D10/16/2014

This trailer jack is perfect for my aluminum trailer--exactly what was advertised and what I needed. The icing on the cake was the great customer service I got from the folks at tinmy--specifically Patrick B. From ensuring I had the correct order to following up on my satisfaction with the product, Patrick epitomized excellent customer service, and is one of the reasons why I give tinmy such high marks for both product and customer service. They have my highest endorsement! Thanks--Tony 156263

10star10star10star10star10starby: Mark B.12/16/2012

Solid construction -- great quality for the price. Operation is easy, handle turns smoothly to raise or lower your trailer tongue. Swiveling the jack into the horizontal "stowed" position is very easy, too: just pull out the spring-loaded pin, swivel to horizontal, and the pin will snap into place again. My only complaint was that the nuts & bolts seemed odd sized, and directions did not tell you which sizes you need. This is really going to save my back! 61587

 10star10star10star10star10star by: Rick H03/11/2011

Prompt delivery, easy to install and fits perfectly. This jack has increased my efficiency for home landscape projects. I no longer need to use the jeep to haul the trailer and then go get the tractor to load materials. I pull the trailer to my work area with my tractor, detached the trailer and load the trailer using the tractor bucket and then reattach the trailer to transport my materials. 9072

  by: Mike W.06/16/2014

Installed this on a jet ski trailer after I got tired of lifting the tongue off the ground too many times. Seems to have some play in the swivel part, so the jack leg leans at a slight angle. Tongue weight is less than 200#s so I'm not worried, but I wouldn't use this on a big trailer anywhere's near it's rated capacity. Good value for the price. Happy with it so far, just installed it. 135698

 10star10star10star10star10star by: momule08/13/2014

I have not used this off pavement but on pavement, within it's load limitations of 1000# this is a nicely sturdy and well built jack. It has a zerk fitting for grease and rolls well. It is all that I need for any load that I will be carrying on my 2000# gross utility trailer (500# max tongue weight) and I see no reason why it won't last as long as the trailer. 146654

10star10star10star10star10star by: fred06/15/2014

would have liked it better if the jack assembly had a groove in the inside tube and matching dimple in the outside tube to keep the inside tube with the wheel from spinning. like the Pro Series Trailer Jack - PSRV20000103 has. you have to hold the wheel assembly ( the inner tube) to get it to go up or down once the load is off the PSEJ10000101 jack, 135650

10star10star10star10star10star by: Mark G08/31/2011

This was my second order from tinmy. I recommend them to anyone looking for anything trailer or cargo related. The jack is for a fishing boat and I haven't had a chance to install it but it seems like a wellbuilt product that will more than cover my needs. A+ to tinmy.com as they are awesome with service and prompt shipment!23275

10star10star10star10star10star by: Scott B.04/13/2012

Nice trailer jack for the money, especially if you're going to be ordering other items and get the free shipping deal. This is actually a Fulton product. Says so right on the box. Three years ago, I installed a jack identical to this one on another trailer I own, and it still performs flawlessly. Recommended. 37055

10star10star10star10star10star by: John H.11/13/2012

Bought a boat trailer with jack missing and only the welded plate remained. Researching on tinmy with good photos and technical dimensions I was able to find the correct replacement jack. Twenty minutes after the product arrived I had the new jack mounted on my trailer. 59381

by: Doug T.09/04/2013

The Pro Series Snap-Ring Swivel Marine Jack is a great product and fit my application perfectly.... the install was easy and the results are spectacular. This jack is the finishing touch to a complete restoration of a 1959 boat trailer and it looks great bolted in place! 98200

10star10star10star10star10star by: Dustin H.06/09/2014

It was just what I hoped it would be. Patrick at tinmy.com upgraded my shipping so it got here fast. And as I wanted, the swivel mounted to my existing mount. So no bolts needed. Works perfect, nice and smooth. The big wheel makes moving the boat around a lot easier. 134831

10star10star10star10star00star by: Phil Markert11/08/2012

The trailer jack arrived, is installed, and it works. MORE IMPOTANTLY- the process of ordering, tracking delivery, and delivery was first rate. I ordered four commodity items- like the jack from you- and your process and execution stand out. thanks 58988


10star10star10star10star10star by: Chuck B.09/13/2013

The product seems fine. It is a replacement for a very similar jack. This one has a grease fitting that the old one did not have and a better crank. It is the same size exactly as the former jack. It was made about 5 miles from my home. 99816

10star10star10star10star10star by: Flint m07/25/2014

All parts were included - none missing / thank goodness Took some time to match sized wrenches to the task / once done, assembly proceeded smoothly with litle time required. Product is well constructed - will see how it weathers. 142917

10star10star10star10star10star by: Bob M01/22/2014

Bought this Sidewinder jack for my utility trailer but needed it more for my logsplitter. I'll get another one for the trailer. Couldn't be happier. Unit is well made and the swivel option is ideal for most applications. 114480

10star10star10star10star10star by: Dave K.02/27/2012

The service at tinmy was first rate as was the quality of the trailer jack. I just installed it on my sailboat trailer and it is perfect! I already suggested tinmy to a friend who helped me install my jack. 32639

10star10star10star10star10star by: Joe M06/02/2014

I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality. It's working out great. My order was delivered quickly and it was easy to install and works perfectly. tinmy couldn't be easier to deal with!! 133838

10star10star10star10star10star by: Kari S08/09/2012

Item was super easy to attach. Communication from the company was excellent and product arrived super fast. The quality of the product is high and I look forward to using it! 51087

10star10star10star10star10star by: Ken J.09/19/2014
Product looks good. Have not installed yet. Order process and shipping was fast and easy - exactly what you expect from an online experience. Good job, tinmy. 152105

10star10star10star10star10star by: Rob R.06/04/2012

Added this to the Time-out camper trailer. We were tired of pulling it by the safety chains. Big improvement. Fast shipping and great prices from tinmy.cn

Packaging & Delivery


 Boat Trailer Jockey Wheel:

1,Capacity: 500-1500 Lbs
2,Travel: 10".
3,Wheel: Solid
4,Wheel sizes:6'', 8'', 10''.

Boat Trailer Jockey Wheel:
1,Capacity: 500-1500 Lbs 
2,Travel: 10".
3,Wheel: Solid
4,Wheel sizes:6'', 8'', 10''.  

5, Certificate: ISO9001-2000, TS16949

6, Competitive price, high quality and fast de




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