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Tinmy’s Wheel rim,suspension,axle and Turntable supply

Tinmy Wheel rim factory can supply full range wheel rim. Below are detail:

1. tube wheel rim sizes are from 5.5-15 to 8.5-24.
2. tubeless wheel rim sizes are from 6.0×17.5 to 11.75 x 22.5.
3. the demountable wheel rim、car wheel rim and engineer wheel rim are available.
4. the yearly turnover is over 3,000,000 pieces different size wheel rim.

Tinmy suspension factory can supply mechanical suspension, boogie suspension and air suspension with high quality and competitive price.

1.1-axle、2-axle、3-axle、and 4-axle mechanical suspension and air suspension.
2. 24 T、28 T、32 T、and 40T boogie.
3. our yearly turnout is over 8000sets different suspension basic on on-time elivery.

Tinmy axle factory can supply various axles for different trucks and trailers:

1. American Type Axle: 5.5T, 8T, 9T, 10.5T, 11T, 12T, 13T, 14T, 16T, 18T, 20T.
2. German Type Axle: 12T, 14T, 16T, 20T.
3. Other special axles are available according to clients’ design or requirement.
4.The yearly turnout is over 100,000 pieces different axles basic on on-time elivery.

Tinmy Turntable factory can supply different turntable for semi-trailers, full trailers and tractors.

1. the main type includes Z type,UA type and UB type with single and double ball.
2. other special type turntables are available according to clients’ design.
3. the yearly turnout is over100,000 pieces different turntable based on-time elivery.
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