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What are the types of coil springs sold nowadays?


One type of coil spring is the helical spring. Helical springs are helix-shaped wires used for compressive or tensile loads. They are easy to install, assemble, and they are available in different dimensions and diameters. Because of their accurate performance and constant spring rate, many car owners buy helical springs.

Another type of coil spring is the progressively-wound spring. This kind of coil spring is used for different road conditions or applications. It’s called a progressively-wound spring because its coil pitch gets tighter as it reaches the top. Car owners upgrade their OE springs to progressively-wound springs for better traction, handling, and control.

Looking for the right coil spring can be very troublesome. In order to choose the perfect replacement coil spring you have to remember these pointers:

Just like damaged coil springs, buying ill-fitting springs will result to excessive vehicle bounce, tire wear, and misaligned vehicles. So when looking for replacement springs, always take note of your vehicle’s make and model.
Many car parts manufacturers sell coil springs, so you’ll be bombarded by numerous brands if you’re in the market for coil springs. Remember that you should only buy from brands known not only for their affordable prices but also for their products’ quality.
Make sure that the coil spring that you’ll buy won’t settle in the future. Quality coil springs should be made from high-quality chrome-silicon or chrome-vanadium, mandrel-bent, and have high diameter tolerances. If you’re eyeing a coil spring that has all these, we recommend that you buy it ASAP.


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